Workshop on
Bibliometric Literature Review

Course Instructor

Ashraf Khan

Ashraf Khan
Assistant Professor, IBA Karachi

Bibliometric Literature Review
Course Information
Date: April 29th, 2022
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Venue: IBA Main Campus

This seminar provided the basic understanding of scientific approaches to literature reviews and a practical demonstration of Bibliometric approach which is widely used to structurally analyze the body of literature. This approach primarily helps to understand and synthesize both influential and intellectual structure of the literature.

After taking this seminar, the participants will gain:

  1. Basic understanding of scientific approaches to conduct literature reviews.
  2. Data extraction techniques from Web of Science.
  3. Bibliometric approach (keyword analysis, bibliographic coupling analysis, etc.).
  4. Tools to conduct the Bibliometric analysis (VosViewer, bibliometrix).
  • Dr Sana Tauseef
  • Kanza Sohail
  • Dr Sahar Awan
  • Dr Nyla Ansari
  • Shayaan Abdul Shakoor
  • Dr Azam Ali
  • Dr Talha Salaam
  • Dr Asif Jaffer
  • Dr Nida Aslam
  • Dr Kamran Mumtaz

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