Certifications & Collaborations

Certifications & Collaborations

To improve teaching effectiveness at SBS, Center for Innovation in Learning and Ed-Transformation (CILET) presented its full-time faculty members, across all departments, to develop themselves by enrolling and successfully completing the online course on University Teaching.

The online certificate course 'University Teaching' offered by the University of Hong Kong has been identified by the accreditation committee to help improve quality of teaching at School of Business Studies.

In addition, the first 5 full-time SBS faculty members who successfully completed the online certificate course have been sponsored by SBS to enroll for an International Certification in Higher Education with University of London to further enhance their teaching capability.

The faculty members Dr. Beenish Tariq, Dr. Fawad Ahmad, Dr. Najam Akber, Dr. Yasir Kundi, & Madeeha Omer are in the process of completing their applications for Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education offered by University of London.

After completing the international certification, nominated faculty will organize and conduct sessions for IBA faculty, where they will share their learnings from the certification. This will help improve teaching effectiveness of all faculty members.

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