Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

1. Youth Tarbiyah Module (Personal Effectiveness)

The Youth Tarbiyah Program is an effort to initiate a meaningful dialogue with the youth in order to provide them with a set of lens to see through the fog of chaos which surrounds them and influence how they see and experience the world. In this unpredictable world, faith is an anchoring element in the human experience which give us hope without which we fall into despair.

Tarbiyah is a continuous process of developing all aspects of the individual's character/personality, i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social. The Tarbiyyah process seeks to put individuals on the path of constant self-purification, self-development, and instill in them the passion for truth, righteousness, and justice.

The focus of Youth Tarbiyyah program is to groom students to strive for excellence; have a sense of purpose, are self-motivated, live a balanced life in peace with themselves and their environment, be equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding, and skills, and take an active role - both individually and collectively - to make a difference in the society.

2. Academic Course Material

  1. CILET will identify case writing opportunities from the industry and engage its faculty members to create local case content, which can be utilized in indigenization of courses at IBA.
  2. CILET is in the process of collaborating with SBS faculty members for Online Course Development; asynchronous online teaching platform to facilitate faculty and learners in enhancing their communication and working through their own timelines.

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