Improving Teaching & Learner's Experience:
A tournament on Darwinator

To improve teaching & learner experience at IBA, Centre for Innovation in Learning & Ed-Transformation launched a tournament on Darwinator, a web-based tool used to run idea tournaments, for all IBA faculty members. In this tournament, Improving Teaching & Learner's Experience, all faculty members were invited to share their ideas or suggestions on how existing problems or challenges related to teaching & learning can be addressed and improved.

The first phase of tournament included idea submissions and the second phase of the tournament included evaluations, in which the faculty members rated each other's ideas. The faculty member whose idea was the most well-received peers and implementable received a cash reward of Rs.10,000/- as a token of appreciation.

The winner of Tournament on Improving Teaching & Learner's Experience is Professor Atif Murtaza.

To enhance In Class Engagement, Atif has recommended use of Multimedia cases, Role Plays, Show and Tell, and Group work. Since Gen-Z love using their mobile phones to express themselves, he uses tools like Menti, Kahoot, and Google Forms for Quizzes and competitions and encourages use of Smart Phones to Make Vlogs and Digital Presentations. He often divides classes into Different Corporate Departments and uses Chart Papers to present different points of view. To encourage active and engaging Class Participation he also brings Candies/Chocolates(Dopamine Trigger) to the class as a Reward. Then the class participation is calculated based on the number of Candies earned during the class, so people are aware of the earned CP. Last but not the least, he adds Guest Speakers/Panel Discussions and Experiential field Visits for better in-class engagement.

CILET will be running similar tournaments in the future to improve and enhance Teaching & Learner's Experience.

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